I love movie trailers—and the impact of a great one is undeniable, as evidenced by the spectacular “must-see” momentum created by the heart-thumping promo to American Sniper.

Before I wrote The Last Girl, I had no idea that books now often come with their own trailers, which are made—albeit on miniscule budgets—to convey some of a novel’s flavour and to whet reader appetites.

Happily, my friend Lachlan Huddy is a budding filmmaker who’s a dab hand at new-fangled CGI kinda stuff and he was more than willing to put his heart and soul into creating trailers that were a cut above your usual mix of stock images with a few graphics and musical stings.

We worked on a script for The Last Girl trailer that envisaged key early scenes from the book, which is no mean feat when you consider the backdrop to Danby’s adventure is big on a blockbuster-movie scale. I reckon it turned out pretty good.

But to promote The Last Place, the final instalment in the trilogy, Lachie and I decided to go the other way. Rather than try to terrorise readers, this trailer is about cheekily pointing out the things that set my books apart from their American cousins.

As we all know, the land Down Under is home to some very dangerous creatures—and that extends all the way to YA.

Hope it gives you a laugh. Any shares on your social networks are most gratefully appreciated.